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Roof Heating Cable Installation in Ogden

Anyone who owns a home in an area with moderate to heavy winters needs to be concerned with potential ice damage to their roof, but many people don’t consider the effects of ice and water on their roof. If your roof has a high potential for ice, simply relying on your gutters to carry water away from the surface isn’t enough. For anyone in need of a higher degree of protection from ice damage, deicing/heating cables are the best option on the market. MyRoof can install this equipment in the optimal location on your roof for best results.

Ice dams and their damage potential

When ice and snow build up on your roof and around your gutters, they can freeze, causing something referred to as an ice dam. These are effectively small dams that form around your roof and don’t allow water to pass, meaning that ice and water build up and potentially enter your home through leaks in the foundation.

Over time, this can be a source of major roof damage and serious leaks in your home, which can shorten the life of your roof considerably.

What are roof heating cables?

Roof heating cables (also called roof deicing cable) are thin wires that are installed around the problem areas of a roof (usually near the gutters, where ice melts and then refreezes). These cables are generally no thicker than metal wires, although they will be larger on bigger roofs.

The only downside to using deicing cables to prevent damage from ice dams is in the cost of the electricity needed to operate them, but this is marginal, as these cables don’t use a high amount of electricity when used sporadically.

Deicing cables are one of the many roofing upgrades you have at your disposal with MyRoof. For more options, explore our roofing options.


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