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Roof Shingle Colors in Ogden

When it comes time to select the style and colors for your new roof, the process is so much different than it used to be. In the old days, you’d choose between classic black shingles, vinyl, or wood, and that would be it. These days, shingles come in a wide array of colors and textures, giving you the opportunity to choose a roof that better fits the style of your home and the color that you want to look at for years to come.

Roof color options: Standard or designer

MyRoof installs several different shades of roof color options, but that’s not all. We also sell what are referred to as “designer” shingles, with more sophisticated overlay patterns that create a deeper texture on your roof. Some examples of the designer shingle colors we offer are:

  • Timberline Ultra HD: As opposed to the standard Timberline HD shingle color, the Ultra variety is thicker and more durable and provides a more textured look to the roof.
  • Grand Sequoia: This shingle style is closely reminiscent of actual wood shake, giving you that timeless look with the durability of shingles.
  •  Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon is a thicker, redder version of Grand Sequoia, automatically qualified for the highest level warranty we offer.

The difference between designer shingles and standard shingles comes down to this: Designer looks are for people who want their roof to make an extra statement on top of being extremely durable. If you have a moderate budget, the durability of our standard shingles is excellent, as well, and there are more color options to fit your style.

Our roof shingle color options

Barkwood HD: Barkwood is the go-to for homes that have tan, brown, red, or green accent colors. Its bold presence makes Barkwood a natural, versatile choice for most homes.

Hickory HD: Hickory is a strong brown color accented with some shades of black. Hickory is ideal for homeowners who want a darker brown roof to accent some lighter colored brick or siding; it’s great for rustic and ranch style homes.

Charcoal HD: Charcoal is simply the best choice for matching just about any exterior palette. Charcoal’s dark colors really help the roof stand out and make a presence. When in doubt, go with charcoal and you won’t be disappointed.

Hunter Green HD: Hunter Green is great for homes that have a lot of white, cream, or yellow—really, any home with lighter colors. It’s a nice blend of greens and black to provide a multidimensional look.

Mission Brown HD: Mission Brown is as close as it gets to an authentic weathered wood shakes. This color can complement many shades and will be sure to leave an impression.

Weatherwood HD: Weatherwood is a very popular color. Blending natural grays with a soft touch of other complementary colors, these shingles will strongly accent any home regardless of color palette.

Slate HD: Slate has a unique blend of greens-grays and teal to closely resemble the color of real slate. This color is great for homes with grays, whites, and blues. It blends a desirable, authentic look with the value of asphalt shingles.

Shakewood HD: Shakewood is on the lighter end of the roof color spectrum and accurately represents a fresh clean cedar shake. This color is a great choice if you’re going for a lighter-colored roof and have some tans to complement it.

Birchwood HD: Birchwood is also a lighter-colored shingle that corresponds well with most accent colors. It provides a great look with less radiant heat absorption. Lighter colors can reduce attic temps by up to 5 to 10 degrees.

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