Residential Roof Repair in Ogden

A Variety of New Roof Options Available in Ogden

Buying a new roof is not the same as it used to be. Back then, you’d call a roofer and they’d come out and complete the same basic installation on your home that they’ve done for everyone else: dark charcoal roofing shingles on top of tar paper underlayment, with no available upgrades and no options to choose from throughout the process.

When you call MyRoof, we’ll give you those options…and more. You can choose the color of your shingles and optional energy efficient upgrades, among many other choices you have throughout the process of designing your new roof. Here is a little more information about your roof options in the Ogden area.

Standard roof options

When you schedule the team at MyRoof to install your new roof, we offer you several of our standard options:

  • Ice and water membranes: Installed at the eaves and valleys of your roof, these layers protect your roof from ice damage and leaks.
  • Synthetic underlayment: This waterproof underlay material has become a great alternative to the brittle, leak-prone tar paper of old.
  • Drip edges: This is metal that transitions from shingle to gutter, helping to direct rainwater into your gutters and toward the downspouts.
  • Flashings: Flashings are metal bases around the opening of your roof to make room for structures like chimneys; if done wrong, they have a high potential for leaks.

These are the standard options even our most basic installations include. Read on to learn more about the upgrades available to you and all of our customers.

Roof shingle types and colors

In the old days, you didn’t have many options beyond charcoal gray or black when it came to the color of your roof shingles. With MyRoof, you have access to a new frontier with regard to shingle options, with a variety of colors to choose from in terms of standard roof shingles, and even more varieties if you also consider designer-style shingle options.

MyRoof installs GAF shingles in a variety of colors as well as designer styles, including more textured looks and others with ventilation.
Learn more about our wide selection of available shingle colors and styles.

Energy-efficient roofing and other upgrades

When you buy your new roof with us, you also have the option of upgrades to increase energy efficiency or combat the elements of winter.

  • We offer numerous upgrades to ensure you can keep your energy costs low using a MyRoof installation. These include ridge vents to provide sufficient ventilation, lighter shingle colors to ensure a “cool roof,” and low-E reflective underlayment, which can keep your attic cool and decrease the burden of your home’s cooling system. Learn more about energy efficient roofing options.
  • We can also use the latest roofing technology to ensure your roof isn’t damaged by ice. We sell and install deicing cables near your gutters to prevent ice dams. You can turn the cables on by plugging them in whenever there is a heavy winter storm or snowfall. Learn more about roof heating cables.

Learn more about our Roof and Upgrade options

Get all the roof options for your home today. Contact MyRoof today at (801) 429-9144!